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Why outsource your logistics activities?
Logistics outsourcing has many benefits. For one, supply chain efficiency is boosted, largely because an organization can escape the stress and cost of establishing an in-house logistics department. Such inexperienced departments may not possess the necessary knowledge required to optimize the process. Outsourcing can solve this problem.

Why choose Stridek Logistics?
At Stridek, logistics management is our expertise. We've been doing it for years and have every intention to maintain and grow our company. We understand that each client has a different strategy, goal and objective, and work to tailor the perfect solution. With our proven track record, we are able to minimize operational costs through our optimized service delivery models and processing technologies.

You can rest assured that we at Stridek strive toward achieving consistent quality results to help your company advance. To us, Your Progress Comes First.

In choosing our service:

• Focus
We'll handle all logistics details, allowing you to direct full attention to other links in your supply chain.

• Cost Efficiency
We manage your logistics requirements using our arsenal of resources, manpower, and experience. Under our direction, your company's resources are conserved, leading ultimately to increased profits.

• Logistics Knowledge
Almost twenty years in the business have allowed us to establish client relations with small businesses as well as large corporations. We have successfully transported perishable items, chemicals, equipment, furniture, raw materials and even organic matter, such as cord blood. Because of our extensive background, our clients can rest assured that we are the best in the business. Our capable employees will generate the distribution models best suited to your individual needs, so your business advances at an affordable cost.

• Reliable Workforce
At Stridek Logistics, we are educated in the art of maintaining strong working relations with each client. Such a personable approach not only lays the foundation for future business, but avoids any miscommunication regarding the desired outcome.

• Immediate Response Time
Occasionally, unforeseen circumstances arise, like product recalls or overloading. To face these challenges, Stridek's team is well-equipped with analytical problem solving skills. We also maintain a backup fleet, and utilize additional manpower whenever the need arises.