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Small changes make big differences. Stridek believes strongly in social responsibility and has taken steps to integrate this belief into our business model. Ethical business practices are strictly adhered to, and we cultivate within our employees the principles and values necessary to lead to positive and sustainable outcomes in business, the environment and society. These are the simple yet effective steps we have implemented in our business practices.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Whenever possible, we reuse all wooden pellets, cartons and plastic boxes. Waste or unusable material is collected and sorted, then sent to recycling plants for processing. Consistent with our sense of environmental duty, we try to avoid printing on paper, and greatly encourage the use of email rather than facsimile.

Alleviate global warming and consumption of natural resources
Our vehicles are regularly maintained and serviced to minimize carbon emissions, a primary cause of global warming. Our employees are taught to turn off stationary vehicles to avoid generating unnecessary fuel consumption and emissions.

Holistic approach toward Stridek's employees
At Stridek, we acknowledge the benefits that can be gained from developing and upgrading the skills of our employees. To this end, our employees are often presented with opportunities to attend training seminars in order to boost productivity and strengthen expertise. In line with our philanthropic endeavors, we encourage our employees to contribute to society through active participation in our company program and free transportation services.

Furniture and appliances for the underprivileged
Stridek promotes an ongoing program that gives the public the opportunity to donate their unwanted belongings to underprivileged communities. For more information on how you can help, check with us on our Recycling Programme.

Free transportation
We make our transportation services available to a multitude of charitable organizations, both local and international. Our pro bono work includes delivering supplies and meals to underprivileged communities, and relocation services for poverty stricken families and non-profit organizations.

If you are affiliated with a charitable or non-profit organization that could benefit from our pro bono services, please drop us a message and we'll work it out together.