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We strive to implant the finest logistics foundations in business corporations through devoted reliability, efficiency and sustainability.

Infused in our corporate identity, are the impressions and directions of what Stridek Pte Ltd aims to be moving towards.

The name Stridek, is deprived from the words "taking strides" meaning -moving in progress or advancement. Where we believe every business,whether ours or others, should continuously pursue in order to attain attain a maximum level of competence and success.

And for our logo, the symbolic winged horse, Pegasus from the Greek mythology, it's our wish to reflect our reliability, swiftness and efficiency in our actions.

And finally conveyed in our slogan, "Your Progress Comes First", we understand that in logistics, it's all about our client's progression in business. We are en-tasked with our clients movement. And we put that movement on the top of our priorities.

Hence, with the these visual & written elements working together, representing Stridek's ideology, we strive to achieve consistent quality and satisfaction to for our company.